• Increased QR code image size and Write to Tag button
  • Wifi configurations are saved on rotations and switching tabs
  • Cursor remains in the same position when toggling "Show Password"
  • Can back out of the "Enable Wifi" dialog when adding a new network
  • Popup warning if NFC is not enabled (for NFC-enabled smartphones only)
  • Performance improvements for the QR tab
  • Multiple crash fixes
  • Special characters such as !@#$%^&*():"<>? for example should now work in QR codes AND in NFC.
  • Stability fixes.
  • Fixed QR codes so that they should work now when scanned with the Barcode Scanner app.
  • Fixed issues with Gingerbread phones using NFC functionality.
  • Multiple bug fixes
Hotfix - Fixed the sharing action so that it now shares the QR code.
Known problem -- On JellyBean devices, tapping the share or add network icon crashes the app. Will fix soon
  • FIXED the "Something bad happened" flash popup when tapping a NFC sticker
  • Larger QR images for larger devices
  • Android Beam functionality should be functional
  • Tapping NFC sticker now shows a prettier dialog rather than an ugly blank screen
  • Bumped minimum Android version to Froyo
  • Crash fixes for lower Android versions.
  • Higher resolution icons for higher dpi devices
  • NEW FEATURE: Toggle WiFi by tapping the phone to a NFC tag that is written with the network the phone is already connected to
    • Useful scenario: Connected to wifi network at home, on the way out, tap the NFC tag to turn off WiFi.
  • Renamed WPA security type to WPA/WPA2 for clarification.
  • Fixed apk so that stack trace shows line numbers for better debugging (will help in debugging the force close's that people are experiencing).
  • Cleaned up Write to Tag image

First version, so no changes obviously. I only have two Android phones so my testing has been limited. I'm hoping that the beta testers can uncover bugs that might exist on other phones and versions of Android that I wasn't able to test. Android Beam was not possible for me to test, so I have no clue if it even works (InstaWifi needs to be installed on both phones).

Some questions to think about while testing. What can be improved about the app? Any cool features that you would like to see? Is it intuitive, how can the user experience be better? What is the best way to generate revenue (e.g. paid/premium version? donate? I was thinking if you donate >X$ (what do you think X should be?) you will receive a NFC sticker)? Send me your responses via email or Facebook or Twitter. Thank you beta testers for your time. I promise a better looking website will come in time. :P